-The Pastoral Vision for Life Groups-

         -Campus Missions International and River of Life Christian Church-

Overall oversight by Leadership: Pastors Tom & Jan May, and Elders Mark and Lashawn Wainwright; and Scott Rutzky.

Objective: -Spiritual Growth and Maturity of the Saints in Love: Ephesians 4:11-16;                     -Discipleship: II Timothy 2:2                                                                                           -Unity of Faith and Body: Psalm 133:1-3

Goal: Develop relationships by knowing the Lord through His Word as outlined in II Timothy 3:16-17; by an active prayer life; by genuine and meaningful fellowship; followed by a witness of outgrowth as a result of being and becoming the body of Christ (John 13:35). Therefore, our core values are honest and transparent Christ-centered relationships with each other being; Willing, Humble, Available and Teachable in koinonia, (Greek word for fellowship; first reference in the New Testament-Acts 2:4). Please visit, Grace to You Ministries for additional biblical teaching.

     -Practical Application: Weekly Life Group Schedule- 

           (Note: Each life group is different and this is only to be used as a model)

Week 1: A bible study focused on training in the word; i.e. Bible Studies for a Firm                     Foundation.

Week 2: An emphasis on identifying with the voice of God and developing an ear to                    heat Him; i.e. Experiencing God, S.A.L.T. (aka. Victorious Christian Living).

Week 3: An emphasis lifting our vision for developing a greater devotional life; ie.                      reading and studying the life of Christians who inspire others with their                          testimonies as well as writings; ie. Smith Wigglesworth, Charles Finney,                        Charles Spurgeon, Amy Semple McPherson etc.

Week 4:-What the Lord is saying to our body through the word preached, spoken                         prophetically or during worship time at ROLCC/CMI services?         

              -What’s the Lord saying to the body of Christ at large?

              -What is the Lord speaking to you?- "How to Hear God's Voice" by Mark                     Virkler

Week 5: A time of deepening friendship in the life group with recreational activities.


Life Group Training Charts